Help Improve IT facilities at E.R. Mason

The equipment in the Computer Suite and Learning Suite has aged over the past several years leaving only a handful of working computers for nearly 300 young people who access our service – a vital need for their studies to which many do not have access at home. We are looking to totally refurb both rooms with brand new computers and updated software.


Our current I.T. Suite

Kids need computers – can you help?

For the kids at the E.R. Mason, computer skills are incredibly beneficial when they look for jobs later in life. Claire Hughes our Senior Youth Worker stated “A new refurbished computer suite is likely to cost about £8,000 but for the world our young people will grow into IT skills are absolutely essential. The ability to learn computer skills and engage with interactive learning programmes empowers the students and opens many new doors of opportunity to them”

A total of £8000 would provide students us with:

– 10 PCs with flat screens for the Computer Suite,

– 5 PCs for the Learning Suite

– Software

– Professional setup and maintenance of the IT facilities.


Other Ways You Can Help

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